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Clinical case: kinking ductus fetal report

MOJ Public Health
Cristóbal Arroyo Zambrano,<sup>1</sup> Manuel Alvarez Vaccaro,<sup>2</sup> Alejandro Alvarez Jara<sup>3</sup>

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We present the case of a pregnant woman with a 35+5 week fetus referred for suspected fetal heart malformation. The fetal echocardiogram showed a dilated and tortuous ductus without signs of heart failure. It was managed conservatively. After birth, a ductal aneurysm was observed. It evolves normally, closing within the first week of life and without complications for the newborn. The course is asymptomatic and echocardiography prior to discharge showed complete closure of the ductus arteriosus at 7 days of life.


thromboembolic, ductus, aortic arch, fetus, heart failure