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Literary approaches to the theory of thinness aesthetics

Arts & Humanities Open Access Journal
Barbara Cerrato Rodríguez

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In this research we will address the negative view of female beauty canons. In addition, we will study the paradox of Bourdieu’s doxa and Barthes’ notion of second-level meaning, which apparently contribute to sustaining the tyranny of female beauty. In contrast, we will delve into Lipovetsky’s theory of the aesthetics of thinness, which considers thinness a symbol of self-control, success and self-management. In other words, thinness would translate the feminine desire for emancipation and equality. Thus, we will start from this theory to analyze some works by Najat El Hachmi, a hybrid and “travesada” author, which will allow us to analyze the different conceptions of thinness in two cultures.


female body, aesthetics of thinness, literature, Najat el Hachmi, Lipovetsky