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Socio-economic characterization, identification and prioritization of major constraints and opportunities in Barite community watershed of Dabo Hana district of Buno Bedele zone

Advances in Plants & Agriculture Research
Bati Dube, Nuru Temam, Dagne Chimdessa, Gedefa Sori, Mosisa Mezgebu, Dechasa Mengistu, Suleiman Aman, Amanuel Kejela 

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Watersheds provide important ecosystem services to humanity and also maintain the physicochemical and biological processes that occur within the watershed. The study was conducted at Dabo Hana district in Barite micro-watershed with the identifying, prioritizing and analyzing constraints and opportunities of barite watershed at Dabo Hana district of Buno Bedele zone was selected purposively from zone based on potentiality of watershed and Barite sub-watershed was selected randomly. A total of 63 sample sizes were selected by employing Probability Proportional to Size (PPS). Data collection tools such as interviews, Focus Group Discussions (FGD), key informants’ interviews, field observations and document analyses were used by developing questionnaire and checklist. The collected data were analyzed using descriptive statistics.survey result discovered that mixed farming systems were taken place in the watershed. The major cropping systems in the study area are mono cropping, intercropping and crop rotations systems. Results of survey study revealed that the main crop production constraints were disease and pest problem, soil fertility problems, high cost of fertilizer, shortage of improved varieties and weather fluctuation. Similarly, livestock production in study area is constrained by disease, shortage of animal feed and improved forage, lack of improved breed, shortage of veterinary service and lack of grazing land. Declining of soil fertility, soil erosion, deforestation and climate change were main constraints to natural resources. Therefore, there is need for research, development and institutional interventions to alleviate the identified constraints to crop, livestock production, natural resources and socioeconomic in the study area through holistic approach. 


watershed, characterization, Dabo Hana