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Strategies for targeted cancer therapy

MOJ Biology and Medicine
Cherupally Krishnan Krishnan Nair,1 S Sreeja2


Numerous therapeutic measures have been developed in oncology to combat various types of cancer, which is a leading cause of death worldwssssside. These therapies range from conventional approaches to high-end precision medicines, all aimed at ensuring therapeutic efficacy and the patient’s survival. However, drug resistance and off-target side effects continue to hinder treatment efficacy. In the case of solid tumors that have hypoxic regions that cause treatment resistance and a high risk of tumor recurrence. To address this, advanced therapies have been designed or under pipeline to specifically target cancer cells by considering their unique features. This review article primarily focuses on different treatment methods developed using the peculiar properties of the tumor microenvironment.


tumor microenvironment, targeted therapy, hypoxia, nanoparticles, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, combination therapy, radiosensitizer, photodynamic therapy, immunotherapy, hyperthermia