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Level of stress in a cluster of mothers and parents of family with children that present needs educational specials

Journal of Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry
Lisbeth J González,1 Marianela Jimenez Montiel,2 Zitny Towers3


This project HE bases in analyse the level of stress that experience a cluster of mothers and parents of family with children that have Needs Educational Specials –NEE- The initiative arises by the limited documentation that exists about of the issue in Panama, since most of the approaches are directed only towards the child who has an SEN or disability, while that he state of health emotional of the father of family No is considered inside of the intervention. This study recurs to the Model Mixed, of guy exploratory. With a sampling no probabilistic that was compound by 25 parents and mothers. The participants they completed two questionnaires called “Questionnaire about stress of Solano-Beauregard” and “Questionnaire for mothers and fathers.” The results reveal that in the sample studied, it is observed that all parents scored a level of General Stress inside of the range Mild (4%), Moderate (twenty%) either Severe (76%) of equal manner HE identifies he level of involvement according to three areas: Muscular: (Mild 52%, Moderate 16% and Severe 32%), Thought-behavior: (Mild 28%, Moderate 28% and Severe 44%) and Organs internal: (Mild 36%, Moderate twenty% and Severe 44%). He finding further relevant of this study has been the high level of Stress Severe who suffer from parents of children with SEN.


family, stress, education, pressure, psychotherapeutics