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V-Y adipose skin flap for the treatment of extensive perianal condylomatosis

Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research
Parada U,Guarneri C,1Ramirez L,1Fernandez L,2Pereyra J,3Barberousse C,3Cazaban L3


Introduction: Perianal condylomatosis is a common disease that can involve large areas
of skin and anal mucosa, making treatment complex. From a surgical point of view, there
are several therapeutic options ranging from primary closure to myocutaneous flap rotation.
Aim: Describe the surgical technical details of the VY flap based on the report of 4 clinical
cases with extensive perianal condylomatosis as part of the comprehensive treatment of
the disease.
Methods: Retrospective, descriptive study of patients operated on at Hospital de Clínicas
(UDELAR) and CASMU mutual society. Analysis was performed on 4 patients who
presented with extensive perianal condylomatosis of approximately 5-6 cm radius of the
anal margin in the 5-year time period.
Result: In all 4 cases, surgical treatment was performed by rotating the skin flap in VY of
the disease; in 1 of the cases, complementary therapy with cryotherapy was also performed.
We had no cases of stenosis or flap necrosis.
Conclusion: Surgery is a fundamental arm in the treatment of perineal condylomatosis.
Reconstruction using a VY adipose skin flap is a possible alternative.
The use of several complementary therapeutic modalities is essential in the management
of this pathology.


extensive perianal condylomatosis, surgery, VY flap