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Weighted Pratibha distribution with properties and application in flood dataset

Biometrics & Biostatistics International Journal
Hosenur Rahman Prodhani, Rama Shanker


In this paper, a weighted Pratibha distribution introduced to modelling life time data using the weighted transformation technique in Pratibha distribution. Its statistical properties including survival function, hazard function, reverse hazard function, mean residual life function stochastic ordering, moments related measures such as moments about origin, moments about mean, coefficient of variation, skewness, kurtosis, index of dispersion have been studied. Parameters are estimated by method of maximum likelihood estimation. A simulation study has been carried out to test the consistency of the parameters obtained through the maximum likelihood method. The goodness of fit of the distribution has been presented with a real lifetime dataset and the goodness of fit shows better fit over weighted Sujatha distribution, weighted Komal distribution, weighted Lindley distribution, weighted Garima distribution and weighted Aradhana distribution.


Pratibha distribution, statistical properties, maximum likelihood estimation, simulation, application