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Prostate cancer: diagnostic utility of multiparametric prostate MRI with 3D spectroscopy in the CMDLT January-June 2023

Urology & Nephrology Open Access Journal
Manuel Antonio Fernandez De Freitas,1 Verónica Hernández Burgos2


The prostate gland secretes citrate, the levels of which vary in benign prostatic hyperplasia and tumors. Multiparametric MRI of the prostate, although sensitive, has limitations in its specificity. Spectroscopy can quantify these cellular metabolites. At the La Trinidad Teaching Medical Center, 46 studies were carried out with 3D spectroscopy in patients referred from the urology service from January to June 2023. The objective was to verify the diagnostic usefulness of 3D spectroscopy with multiparametric Magnetic Resonance of the prostate. The findings in the 3D prostate spectroscopy metabolite map were described, the results of the mpMRI PIRADS score and the metabolite map were analyzed, and the anatomical pathological and 3D spectroscopy results were compared. A 1.5T Philips Anchieva resonator was used with 3D prostate spectroscopy sequences in 36 patients. The metabolites in 3D spectroscopy showed correlation with the suspicious criteria according to SCORE PI-RADS, especially in the suspicious nodular areas. The sensitivity and positive predictive value were 88%, while the specificity and negative predictive value were 96%. However, more studies are needed to obtain more conclusive results.


prostate cancer, BPH, prostatitis, mpMRI, 3D spectroscopy