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Coconut fibers as a natural adsorbent to brilliant coomassie blue dye adsorption

International Journal of Petrochemical Science & Engineering
João Paulo de Sousa,<sup>1</sup> Francisco Fernando Silveira,<sup>1</sup> Karine Oliveira Moura<sup>2</sup>


The adsorption method is widely studied by the scientific community for the treatment of water containing pollutants, since water quality and its preservation is a current topic of great importance. Therefore, the present work analyzed the potential of coconut fibers as a natural adsorbent for the adsorption process of Brilliant Coomassie Blue dye solutions, using UV-vis spectrophotometry as a method to analyze the removal process. For this, the parameters of adsorbent dosage, initial concentration and contact time were evaluated. Furthermore, the kinetic study was carried out applying the pseudo-first order and pseudosecond order models. It was observed that coconut fiber is an easy-to-use material as an adsorbent, resulting in a maximum adsorbed amount of 3.04 mg g-1, with 83.5% being the highest percentage of removal. Adsorption reached equilibrium within 24 hours and the Pseudo-second order model fitted the process better, indicating chemical adsorption.


adsorption, brilliant coomassie blue dye, coconut fibers, natural adsorbent, uv-vis spectrophotometry