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Embryo transfer in sheep (Ovis aries), efficient and consistent framework in superovulation treatment

International Journal of Biosensors & Bioelectronics
Diaz-Pumará Patricio,1 Iorio G,2 Blanco D,3 Müller M3


Superovulation treatment is a key instance in Embryo Transfer, the Ovine Industry is an important target in Assisted Reproductive Technologies. In comparison with other ruminants, such as bovines, substantial differences in pathways of response to superovulation treatment in Ovis aries has been reported. We set out to evaluate superovulation protocols in sheep, published by different researchers and technicians, measuring outcome parameters to develop a highly repeatable methodological framework. Eight different protocols were installed in thirty-one post-pubertal embryo donors. Time and replace of intra vaginal pessaries, two sources of follicle-stimulating hormone, two estrous detection methods, and use, or not, GnRH, PGF2 and LH in day of estrus, were rehearsed. Two variables were evaluated, ovarian response and embryo structures collected in-uteri, 5 to 6 days after heat detection.


superovulation treatment, ovine industry, heat detection method, ovarian response, embryos structure collected, anovulatory follicles, corpus luteum early regression