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Breast cancer in young women: training for primary care nurses

Nursing & Care Open Access Journal
Joabson Pinheiro dos Santos,1 Cremilson de Paula Silva,1 Clícia Valim Côrtes Gradim,1 Marislei Sanches Panobianco,1 Ana Paula Alonso Reis2


Objective: To report on the experience of training nurses working in Primary Health Care. Method: Experience report on an online training held in March 2022, addressing breast cancer in young women (<40 years) for nurses working in primary care. Results: Six nurses took part in the training. The use of Health Information and Communication Technologies was shown to be an important tool for promoting educational activities. The action contributed to the practice of the nurses, who were satisfied with the approach taken, and the majority (83.7%) replicated the information. The provision of complementary educational materials helped positively in understanding the content. Conclusion: The role of nurses and the implementation of ICTs as a care tool in health promotion in PHC was highlighted, with a view to raising awareness and early detection of breast cancer in the target audience.


primary health care, professional training, nursing, breast cancer, health technologies