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The analyses of positive or negative effects of low or high crude oils’ productions prices on the prices of its’ gas prices overall outcomes on Houstonians & surroundings areas’ residences

Material Science & Engineering International Journal
Catherine W Kisavi-Atatah, Park E Atatah


This quantitative research study investigated the relationships/correlations between the actual prices of the barrel of oil and its’ relationships/correlations with the actual prices of a gallon of gasoline between February 2023 and February 2024. This study used “Non Experimental Descriptive Statistics” quantitative methodology to examine the secondary collected data. This study used “Social Construction of the Ideology of Reality Theory” to review why the prices of a barrel of oil and the prices of a gallon of gasoline were inconsistently made by OPEC. This study also used the conceptual formula Atatah known as Atatah’s “Statistical Significant Differences Multiplier” (SSDM). This study finds that One-Sample Tests’ Sig (2-tailed) is the same as the P. Value; which showed a statistical significance at 100% between the dependent and independent variables. This study suggests that OPEC needs to implement more consistent pricings between a barrel of oil and a gallon of gasoline which should bring some positive social changes to all Houstonians and surrounding areas’ residences. 


OPEC, prices, oil, gasoline, barrel, gallon, transspecies, inconsistencies, Houston, Houstonians, surrounding areas’ residences