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The multifaceted perspectives of future business continuity- aftermath of COVID 19

Arts & Humanities Open Access Journal
Shankar Subramanian Iyer  


“The Multifaceted Perspectives of Future Business Continuity- aftermath of COVID-19” explores the diverse and complex dimensions of business continuity in the post-pandemic era. This study examines the various challenges and opportunities faced by organizations as they navigate the aftermath of COVID-19 and adapt to the new normal. It examines the multifaceted perspectives that encompass economic, technological, social, environmental, and organizational aspects, shedding light on the potential strategies and innovative solutions that can enhance resilience and ensure sustainable business continuity. The findings highlight the critical importance of agility, digital transformation, stakeholder collaboration, risk management, and adaptive leadership in shaping the future of business continuity. The study uses mixed methodology to capture the expert opinion and the stakeholder’s views on this topic. 


business continuity, covid-19 aftermath, resilience, digital transformation, adaptive leadership, emerging technologies