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Prioritization of sub-watersheds based on quantitative morphometric analysis of the Narmada River, India, using SRTM-DEM and GIS techniques

Biodiversity International Journal
Digvesh Kumar Patel,1 Shankar Karuppannan,2,3 Abhinav Sao,4 Tarun Kumar Thakur1


Investigating the contribution of basin to the cycle of hydrological and the area's size, shape, and creation through quantitative analysis of these characteristics of the local scenery. Additionally, estimates of the denudation rate and hypsometric analysis were made in order to comprehend the sub-basin's quantitative geomorphological properties. The link between the morphometric parameters shows that the local geological and geomorphological features significantly influence the drainage system.


morphometric analysis, characterization, prioritization, sub-watershed, SRTM-DEM, GIS, Narmada River