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Education in movement to counteract sedentariness in preschoolers

MOJ Sports Medicine
Manuela Valentini, Elisa Radici 


A reflective analysis of various methodologies is proposed to analyse the level of physical activity in pre-school children and prevent the concerning spread of overweightness and obesity. Through careful and scrupulous bibliographic research, using scientific studies from around the world, which report targeted interventions with the purpose of studying and implementing the prevention of these diseases, through the dissemination of the World Health Organization’s guidelines on physical activity, sedentary behavior, sleep and the importance of their integration. “Education in movement”, through learning new habits as a way of life, is one of the most concrete solutions, although it is not to be considered an easy and obvious thing. Targeted intervention in the nursery school, and not only there, as the ideal place to implement interventions aimed at preventing obesity through movement, a healthy diet and education in healthy lifestyles, is just as necessary as taking care of other areas, for a pedagogy of movement in the holistic conception of the Person.


physical activity, preschool, screen time, benefits, health