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Experiences of families of children with autism spectrum disorder

International Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal
Jandson de Oliveira Soares, Alessandra Nascimento Pontes


Autism is a complex disorder characterized by a series of conditions and symptoms that classify it as an autism spectrum disorder, with relevant physiological and biochemical factors, and core symptoms that include social deficits and restrictive/repetitive behaviors. This condition triggers changes in family life due to the child’s needs for growth and development. We sought to report experiences of families of children with autism spectrum disorder and their life changes. Descriptive exploratory study with a qualitative approach, which was carried out at the Associação de Equoterapia de Alagoas, located in the city of Maceió-AL, from June to July 2022. Interviews, genograms, ecomaps and life narratives were used for collection. Five families monitored by the institution and whose children were diagnosed with ASD and aged between 5 and 12 years participated. The results reveal the understanding of the daily lives of parents of children with ASD with the aim of promoting and listing contributions to nursing, with a view to enhancing more representativeness and autonomy in the care of children with such specificities, with the intention that in the consultations themselves of nursing that screening is increasingly effective. The study also raised reflections and challenges in facing changes in the face of children’s needs in the face of challenging social and health contexts.


autistic spectrum disorder, child, family, daily life