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Cement type Hs and type V: determination of resistance against moisture and sulfate attack

Material Science & Engineering International Journal
Danny Jhefersson Vásquez Paredes  


The moisture content and the level of saltpeter to which a land is exposed is a topic of great importance in the field of Civil Engineering, that is why in this work we aim to make a comparison between the properties offered by a cement type V and an HS type, to then determine the most resistant in places with high presence of moisture and sulfates. The research is of the descriptive and explanatory type because the results obtained after having carried out an experimental process with the materials to be used (cement type HS and type V) were manifested. The result of having carried out a good comparison between the properties of both types of cement led us to determine which has better behavior in the presence of these attacks, resulting in the Cement Type HS more resistant to the attack of sulfates, this being a potential successor to type V cement. In conclusion, for the present research a comparison was made between the properties of these two types of cement, which led us to be able to be able to affirm that the cement type HS is an extraordinary substitute against the type V when combating the areas where moisture and sulfate are present.


water table, construction process, sulfates, cement type HS, cement type V