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Anesthesia for robotic thyroidectomy without infusion of neuromuscular block- case report

Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research
Grace Haber,1 Luiz Eduardo Imbelloni,2 Anna Lúcia Calaça Rivoli,3 Rodrigo Jaeger Bellinaso,4 Luiz Eduardo Silva Borges,4 Sylvio Valença de Lemos Neto,5 Ana Cristina Pinho6


Background: New technologies in medicine have allowed robotic thyroidectomy (RT) to be performed and has shown superior cosmetic results when compared to the conventional open procedures. This case report of RT was scheduled to maintain anesthesia without neuromuscular blockade, due to the need to monitor the recurrent laryngeal nerve by the surgical team. Case report: Woman, 58 years old, 69 kg, 161 cm, ASA II physical status, with history of right breast cancer, and thyroid nodule. Proposed surgical treatment with a robot. Multimodal anesthesia was carried out and after two 2 through TOF there was no neuromuscular blockade. The resection was performed without problems. The patient was discharged the day after surgery. Conclusion: Despite numerous articles suggesting the use of deep neuromuscular blockade, this case due to the need to stimulate and preserve the recurrent laryngeal nerve, after induction this technique was not used, without any difficulty in performing RT, where total anesthesia lasted 6 hours.


anesthesia, thyroidectomy, robotic, facelift approach, da Vinci robot