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Urinary tract infection complicating a total buried glans penis after traditional circumcision: a case report

Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatal Care
Noudamadjo A,1 Hadonou AA,2 Kpanidja MG,1 Agbeille Mohamed F,1 Dohou C,1 Adédémy JD,1 Agossou J1 


Context: Traditional circumcision in early childhood is common in the Republic of Benin. This practice can be complicated by infection, hemorrhage and pathological scarring.

Presentation of the case: We describe here a case of multiple complications made up of urinary tract infection, total buried glans penis and probable severe iron deficiency anemia in a 12-month-old subject, traditionally circumcised at 10 months of age by an unqualified agent, admitted in hospitalization for severe dysuria. The evolution under medical and surgical treatment was favorable.

Conclusion: This case highlights the need to perform circumcisions by qualified health workers and in adequately nourished children


urinary tract infection on buried glans penis, Benin