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Surgical removal of retained soft tissue foreign bodies in the surgical outpatient: a case-based discussion

MOJ Surgery
Adebola Obayan, Ifunanya Igwenagu


This observational study shows the successful removal of retained acute and chronic foreign bodies within the subcutaneous tissue in the surgical outpatient setting as well as the challenges of prolonged embedding of soft tissue foreign bodies, especially in asymptomatic cases where the decision for removal is prompted by a need for a scheduled diagnostic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for an unrelated health concern, thus, raising the question of whether detected asymptomatic foreign bodies should initially be left in place or swiftly removed to prevent future complications or procedural interruptions. Furthermore, we will outline suggestions on the best options for the prompt and successful removal of foreign bodies during the initial presentation in the outpatient setting.


foreign body removal, soft tissue, outpatient surgery, retained foreign body, imaging guidance