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Fermented and alkaline kelp extracts: a comparison of plant growth responses

Journal of Bacteriology & Mycology: Open Access
Christopher Michael Bartleet,1 Sadiqul Awal,1 Martin Hockey2


Global food needs drive the search for sustainable biostimulants to bolster agricultural yields. Fermented Kelp Extract (FKE) presents a viable alternative to lessening the use of synthetic fertilisers, offering potential advantages in crop productivity and soil health enhancement. This study compared the effects of Fermented Kelp Extract (FKE), Alkaline Kelp Extract (AKE), and control on the growth of Triticale seedlings over a 20-day period. The outcomes suggest that FKE performs comparably to AKE in key growth metrics, both outpacing the control group. The notable root growth in FKE-treated seedlings might be linked to elevated auxin levels resulting from fermentation. Additionally, FKE might influence seed coat characteristics, promoting efficient water uptake during germination. Although the benefits of FKE are clear, broader research with diversified samples and varied agricultural settings is paramount.


fermented kelp, alkaline kelp, sustainable agriculture