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Challenges in the teaching and learning of home economics/ food textiles technology in secondary schools in Samoa

Sociology International Journal
Epenesa Esera, Laeimau Peru Tugaga  


The research on Home Economics (HE)/Food and Textile Technology (FTT) education in Samoa investigated the decrease in the number of secondary students that enrolled in the subject area. In the last ten years, there were adequate numbers of students enrolling in the area, but this has changed dramatically. It was unclear why there was a drop in student enrolment in HE/FTT and this research was an attempt to find out why there was a decrease in the number of students from colleges enrolling in the subject at the Faculty of Education (FOE) of the National University of Samoa (NUS).Promoting and sustaining this subject in the Samoa education curriculum is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, and Culture (MESC).School awareness programmes provided by MESC identified their importance these subjects being offered in the school curriculum. The research also examined the information given to students on HE/FTT, how it was relayed to students, and its implications to the social, cultural, economic and educational development of the nation. In addition, the kind of career opportunities and prospects opened to students to pursue the area in Samoa and abroad


Samoa education curriculum, social, cultural, economic and educational development of the nation, imparting skills, knowledge, values, and attitudes to learners