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Human skin and micro- and nanoplastics: a mini-review

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Pileta-Labañino Marelis,1 Crespo-Barrera Paula Montserrat,2 Navarro-Frómeta Amado Enrique2


Plastic pollution is a worldwide problem. Its extended use has led to human exposure to micro and nanoplastics (MNPs) through inhalation, ingestion, and also through contact with the skin, by direct contact, or because of the pollution of water and air. In general, the adverse effects produced by MNPs on human health are well known, however, they are far from being fully understood. Although it is a less studied route of entry of MNPs into the human body, MNPs can enter the body through the application of cosmetics and other skincare products. Recent research has found a relationship between skin exposure to MNPs and diseases, like skin cancer. The present work reviews published studies, since 2019, related to the entry of MNPs through the skin and its impact on human health.


microplastic, nanoplastic, cosmetics, skincare