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Green coconut shell as energy biomass: a bibliometric and systematic analysis of scientific literature

International Journal of Hydrology
Ana Paula Freire de Araújo,1 Mylena Andrade do Nascimento,1 Julio Cesar Sales Bezerra,1 Murilo dos Santos Oliveira,1 Taynara Geysa Silva do Lago,2 Adriano da Silva Marques2


The husk of the green coconut is a widely available and low-cost resource, yet often underutilized, despite carrying considerable potential as a sustainable energy source. This study is a bibliometric and systematic analysis of scientific literature published between the years 2013 and 2022, using the Scopus database as a source, aiming to examine in detail the scientific landscape surrounding the energy potential of this biomaterial. To do so, rigorous inclusion and exclusion criteria were established to select the most pertinent articles on the subject. The compiled data not only encompass the number of publications but also identify the most productive authors, the most prominent research areas, predominant keywords, and the geographical origin of scientific contributions. The bibliometric analysis conducted in this study reveals a clear trend of increasing interest in exploring the energy potential of green coconut husk over the years. Such a trend suggests a growing recognition, by the scientific community, of the intrinsic value of this waste as a promising source of renewable energy. Terms like ‘biomass,’ ‘biochar,’ and ‘pyrolysis’ often permeate the publications, outlining the main approaches to the energy utilization of this resource. Furthermore, there is a noticeable increase in participation from various countries, indicating a global interest in exploring this energy potential. This study emphasizes the importance of continuing research in this field and highlights the positive impact that the exploration of green coconut husk can have in the context of transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.


biochar, biomass, energy utilization, ethanol, green coconut husk