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Trends in forecasting groundwater ingresses into underground structures


Often, underground structures are faced with groundwater ingresses during their erection and even during their operation. To conceive the most suitable drainage or dewatering systems, and at the same time better guarantee the sustainability of these structures, these inflows should be accurately forecasted in advance. To this end, researchers have made considerable efforts and developed various solutions. This article put forwards the recent trends and progress related to the prediction of groundwater ingresses in underground structures. Pioneering solutions (analytical, semi-analytical, empirical and semi-empirical) as well as numerical, machine learning and other solutions are widely highlighted. Besides, the paper explains that the ideal solutions are still subject of current and future investigations. The need to continually opt for better schemes or strategies for accurate groundwater ingress prediction solutions is adequately expressed. Relevant inspirations can be drawn from this article for future accurate groundwater ingress forecasting solutions.


underground structures, complex rocky media, groundwater regime, accurate forecast of groundwater ingresses, recent solutions and future trends, dewatering systems, durability of underground structures