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Learning theories and the teaching process: Religious education and social support networks in autistic children


The present study defined the following question as a research problem: How important are social support networks as a fundamental element in the lives of autistic children who have learning difficulties? In order to answer this question and enable a greater understanding of the topic, the general objective was to discuss the importance of social support networks as mediators in the development of autistic children who have learning difficulties. More specifically, the aim is to: conceptualize learning difficulties; specify which are the main social support networks in childhood; demonstrate how social support networks are relevant in children’s lives; present the importance of social support networks in situations of autistic children with learning difficulties. As a method, it adopted bibliographical review, this form of research seeks to get in touch with subjects and other studies that have been carried out, approaching the chosen topic. The conclusions showed that the support provided by social networks to autistic students has been significant in supporting families with low social vulnerability, due to their influence on the development and well-being of people throughout their lives. Thus, the social support network is a set of systems and significant people, which make up the relationship links received and perceived by the individual.


network, support, social, religious education, learning, autistic