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Performance of the previous examination in the necropsy room with the scott test (ammonium thiocyanate and cobalt chloride – in acid medium), to identify cocaine, valid conduct or waste of time


This article is the result of examinations carried out on corpses, which were admitted to one of the Technical-Scientific Police services of the Civil Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro, whose deaths were suspected of being due to exogenous intoxication due to the use of a prohibited substance. (cocaine); aims to present a proposal for research on cocaine, in corpses suspected of death due to exogenous intoxication, carrying out an analysis of the material found in the nasal cavities, when the necropsy examination begins, providing a bias for the Coroner, regarding the visceral findings identified, as well as presenting proposals regarding requests for subsidiary toxicology research exams.


cocaine, toxicological examination, pcerj, proposal