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Immortal biomimetic humanoid robots with a human consciousness


Objective: And ultimate goal of this paper is to describe a realistic future in how humanity and life can survive immortally by creating humanoid robots from a human master with a consciousness of the human who would serve the human master as a companion and learn everything about the consciousness of the human master. 
The Contributions: Are to present a groundbreaking methodology for the immortality of humanoid robots with a human consciousness. In this paper, we emphasize that the current humanoid robotics technologies have reached the sophistication to design and fabricate intelligent AI computers to allow humanoids to survive immortally. Once human life is close to being over (age or sickness), the humanoid will take over and can stay alive as long as it has the necessary energy to live on. These humanoids can even travel through space and other planets, opening up a whole new frontier for exploration and life. They can benefit from the Quantum Entanglement to move through space to any destination.


immortal biomimetic humanoid robots, human consciousness