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A study on the Bon religious apparel


Bon religion, an ancient faith of the Tibetan people, manifests its rich cultural heritage through distinctive religious apparel. However, Bon religious apparel due to its scattered distribution and limited records, still remains insufficiently researched. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis of the Bon religious apparel and enhance the understanding of Chinese Bon culture, this study explores the color, pattern, and style in Bon religious apparel, revealing its deep correlation to Tibetan history, traditions, and society. Through substantial research, this study has concluded that Bon religious apparel mainly employs five classic colors, each representing fundamental elements and spiritual values; the patterns, including types of geometrics, animals and plants reflect Bon’s spiritual criteria and societal norms; Styles like the lotus Hat and three-pointed hat signify historical evolution and cultural integration of Bon religion.


Bon religion, Bon religious apparel, Tibetan history, Tibetan culture