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Nursing care: patient with pressure ulcers secondary to the prone position due to covid-19

Nursing & Care Open Access Journal
Paulina Rivera Torres,1 María C Betancourt Esparza,2 Erika A Torres Hernández,2 Sofia Cheverría Rivera,2 Edgardo García Rosas,2 Aracely Díaz Oviedo2


Introduction: The application of the scientific method with the Nursing Care Process in nursing is essential to implement professional care in daily practice. Under this scenario, it is necessary to have care plans that allow optimizing care for patients with a condition such as COVID-19, as well as the complications derived from it; such as pressure ulcers. Objective: Develop a Nursing Care plan for the patient with IP: UPP, secondary to prone position in patients with covid-19. Method: An electronic information search regarding interdependent pressure ulcers secondary to the prone position was performed using the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) methodology. Results: The analysis of the NIC 3520 was carried out, finding 7 specific activities applicable to the management of pressure ulcers. Likewise, bibliography on the subject was reviewed, finding current activities used in the management of the patient in a prone position, which are listed in this work. Conclusions: Due to the impact generated by pressure ulcers and their rapid development in the patient who is placed in the prone position, it is of vital importance that the nursing staff in the intensive care area have the knowledge on how to provide a quality care for this type of patients by applying the pertinent risk assessment and management scales in the case of ulcers that are already present.


dyspnea, covid-19, prone position, diarrhea