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Find the relationship between mobile data usage and neck pain for physiotherapy college students – a questionnaire survey method

MOJ Orthopedics & Rheumatology
Senthilkumar Thiyagarajan,1 Ayyappan Amirtham,2 Anas Ahamed A3


Introduction: Increasing incidence of neck pain in youngsters, which affects college study performance in collegiate, even though various musculoskeletal causes may list by the orthopedic professionals for neck pain. One of the important causes is smart phone and data usage. This questionnaire study aims to find out the relationship between mobile data usage and neck tiredness and neck pain in college students. Materials and methods: Google Forms Web-based Questionnaire Method: Google Form links were shared with college students in WhatsApp application batch groups; the ones shared requested that they fill out the questionnaire. The questionnaire covered age, data usage, mobile usage time, neck tiredness, neck pain, and occupation. Among these questions, we found that the response was received in a Google form. Once the stipulated date of the time period is over, we will have received 108 Google Form responses from the physiotherapy students, which and analyzed and presented. Results: The questionnaire survey method found that significant relationship between mobile data usage and neck pain. Participants aged 18 to 26 years students studying in a private college of physiotherapy in India have a have an average time of mobile usage of 3 to 4 hours. In this short questionnaire survey found that highly associated with neck pain and mobile data usage in physiotherapy college students.


Google, questionnaire, survey, data usage, neck pain