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Variation of factors and parameters in biogas production and resultant effect in biogas yield

Journal of Microbiology & Experimentation
Osuji MI, Ogbulie JN, Nweke CO, Nwanyanwu CE


This research was done to ascertain the effect of variation of factors and parameters in biogas production and their resultant effect in biogas yield. Co-digestion of pig and poultry dungs were used as substrate for anaerobic fermentation. Nine plastic container of 4 liter capacity were used to fabricate the bio-digester and hose used to connect them to wheelbarrow tubes for gas collection. The lingo-cellulose (the co-digested mixture of pig and poultry) was allowed to stay in the digester for 14 days pending when gas production will stop during the batch culture fermentation. Bovine blood, MgSO4 and Charcoal water were used as additives. For digester with blood, the cumulative gas production range for series 1, 2 and 3 are 0-74.4, 0-122.1 and 0-342.3 respectively. For the one with MgSO4, the range was 0-101.4, 0-180.7 and 0-262.3. For the last with charcoal water the range was 0-192, 0-290.3 and 0-373.3. The results shows that as the measure of the substrates as well as the additives increases, the gas production increases. This research recommend that bovine blood which contains nutrients; MgSO4 which increases catalyzes of the reaction and charcoal water which increases the carbon content of reaction should be used in biogas production.


lignocellulose, bio-digester, methane, batch culture, biogas