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Growth performance of Simmental calves born in different seasons

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Serap Göncü,1 Mustafa Sucak2


In this study, the growth performance of Simmental calves born in different seasons in a private farm was emphasised. For this purpose, birth months were used to group calves born within a year, and daily weight gains and birth and weaning weights were compared. Three categories—cool, hot, and cold—were created from the information entered in the enterprise’s birth book. An average of 39.28 kg was found to be the birth weight. The hot period between July and September was found to have the lowest birth weight, which was 21,00 kg, while the period between November and February had the highest birth weight, which was 54 kg. In the variance analysis, the differences between the birth weights between the periods were found to be statistically significant at P<0.05. The results of studies conducted recently and under intensive farming conditions are required, as the
comparisons revealed higher calf birth and weaning weights.


seasons, Simmental, calves, growth, performance