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Detection and classification of metal surface defects using lite convolutional neural network (LCNN)

Material Science & Engineering International Journal
Al-Mahmud Al-Mamun,1 Md Rasel Hossain,2 Mst Mahfuza Sharmin


Quality control in metal product manufacturing relies heavily on accurately detecting and classifying surface defects through visual inspection. Recently, convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have shown promising results in automating this process with high accuracy. This research paper proposes a new (experimental version) Lite Convolutional Neural Network (LCNN) designed to analyze image data to detect and classify surface defects on metallic surfaces. Our model was trained on a metal surface defects dataset comprising 1800 images of six different types of surface defects. Despite using relatively small datasets, the proposed LCNN version achieves a classification accuracy of 91.67%, highlighting its effectiveness in real-world defect detection scenarios.


neural network, patches defect, metal surface