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Efficacy of SCT sentence completion test and PGI HQ N2 in understanding management of narcissism in married couples

Arts & Humanities Open Access Journal
Amita Puri,1 Srishti Bhatt,1 Saumya Jogy,1 Astha Puri,2 Poonam Nayar,3 Brahm Deep Sindhu1


This study explores the dynamics of narcissism within married couples using a quantitative approach. Employing the SCT M Sentence Completion Test and PGI HQ N2, we aim to quantify narcissistic traits and understand their impact on marital relationships. Our sample comprises 200 married couples, providing a comprehensive analysis of how narcissism manifests and affects marital satisfaction and communication patterns. The SCT M Sentence Completion Test offers insights into subconscious attitudes and beliefs, while the PGI HQ N2 evaluates psychological health and well-being. Our findings reveal significant correlations between high narcissistic traits and increased marital conflict, lower satisfaction levels, and diminished emotional intimacy. Additionally, the study highlights gender differences in narcissistic expression and its implications for marital dynamics. By identifying key patterns and predictors, this research contributes to the broader understanding of personality traits in marital contexts and offers practical implications for therapeutic interventions. These results underscore the importance of addressing narcissistic tendencies to enhance marital harmony and personal well-being.


narcissism, married couples, quantitative analysis, SCT M sentence completion test, PGI HQ N2, marital satisfaction, emotional intimacy, gender differences, psychological health