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Anemia predictive indicator (API). how can we predict in three days the anemia that will develop in three months? case report

MOJ Public Health
Arana M, Cafruni G, Otero B, Cimino Y, Arancibia E

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The Anemia Predictive Indicator (API) includes the analysis of the reticulocyte count, the reticulocyte hemoglobine content (HCr) and immature reticulocyte fraction (IRF). API reflects erythropoietic activity and allows immediate detection and correction of iron deficiency anemia, and the response can be observed on the second and third day after starting treatment. In this case report, a 79-year-old woman after a total knee replacement, API provided predictability at the onset of anemia, allowed the follow-up of anemia and its treatment, collaborated in clinical and medical decision, contributed to preventive actions and improve the patient’s quality of life.


anemia predictive indicator, reticulocyte, bone marrow, hemoglobin