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Radar based intelligence network for field security and remote detection


Today, security applications are an increasing need and have become indispensable in many fields and sectors. Determining the locations of threat elements in advance is one of the primary security needs. Security experts attach importance to the use of advanced technologies to determine the locations of threat elements. Tools such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), satellite imaging systems, and thermal cameras play a critical role in monitoring and locating threat elements in the field. However, these are methods generally affected by weather conditions and various elements. In addition, these systems are managed by personnel, so they are field monitoring applications with human factors and whose success depends on people. In this study, a security network based on a strategic approach to detecting and predicting the movements of field elements and taking the necessary precautions is presented based on the radar-based field awareness approach. As a result, a network-based approach is discussed on how to ensure the security of a large area and determine the locations of its elements with an application made with a multi-agentbased robot group. The solutions presented in the study are intended to be an alte


field security, remote detection, multi-agent systems, motion detection, artificial intelligence