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Exploring the potency of wild sage (Salvia officinalis): UPLC-PDA-ESi-MS phytochemical profiling and inhibitory activity against β-Hematin

Pharmacy & Pharmacology International Journal
Saleh Abu-Lafi,1 Carine Said,2 Qassem Abu-Remeleh,3 Mahmoud Khalid,2 Mutaz Akkawi3

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The current study employed a semi-quantitative approach to investigate the inhibitory effects of water-extracted wild sage (Salvia officinalis) on β-hematin formation in vitro. Spectrophotometric analysis over a nine-day period evaluated the antimalarial efficacy of water and sodium bicarbonate extracts derived from wild sage leaves.


wild sage, Salvia officinalis, Malaria, Hemozoin, β-hematin, polyphenols, UPLC-PDA-MS