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To know the impact of prepregnancy advocacy for safe maternity among rural, tribal women of a remote region: a community-based observational study

International Journal of Pregnancy & Child Birth
Chhabra S,<sup>1</sup> Kumar N<sup>2</sup>

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Background: Prepregnancy advocacy is essential for ensuring safe maternal, perinatal outcomes. Objective: Present community-based prospective study was conducted to know impact of prepregnancy advocacy on pregnancy outcome in rural, tribal women. 

Methodology: Community-based observational study was carried out in tribal communities of remote, forestry, hilly region in 100 villages around village with health facility. All 100 villages were randomly divided into 50 study villages, where PA for safe maternity was provided to women who could have pregnancy and were wanting to have a baby and 50 control villages where no PA was provided. After advocacy round, pregnant women of 15 to 39 years of age, 500 in study and 500 in control villages were enrolled as study subjects. This was followed by post birth information collection by conducting face-to-face interviews by research assistant, regarding impact of prepregnancy advocacy. 
Results: Of the total 500 women in study villages, 73.2% sought antenatal care compared to 39.2% in control villages. In study villages, 66.0% women got registered in health facilities for delivery, with 96.6% health facility births. In comparison only 42.4% women registered for delivery, however 95.6% did deliver in health facilities in control villages also. Similarly, 95.8% of women in study villages had live-births with 2.6% stillbirths, compared to 92.6% live-births with 5.4% stillbirths in control villages. Neonatal birth weight was better in more women of study villages compared to controls (57.4% of babies in study villages were born with birth weight ≥2.5- ≤3.5 Kg compared to 52.4% in control villages). 
Conclusion: PA impacted maternity care, more women sought antenatal care and many registered for birth before birth time. However, PA needs to be a continuous process to have real impact. Prepregnancy advocacy is 


antenatal care, health facility birth, prepregnancy advocacy