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Intensifying health education practices in primary care through the use of podcasts

Nursing & Care Open Access Journal
Cremilson de Paula Silva,1 Andrew Kenny Araújo dos Santos,2 Silvana de Oliveira Morasco,1 Natércia Taveira Carvalhaes Dias,3 Marcela de Souza Nóbrega,3 Milene Dias Ferreira Magri,4 Larissa Sales Martins Baquiao4

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Objective: To describe the experience of using podcasts as a tool for health promotion and education, replicated in the context of primary care. Method: An experience report by teachers and students from a Federal Institution in the south of Minas Gerais, using Information and Communication Technologies for health promotion actions for the population in 2022. Results and Discussion: Of the content produced and disseminated on Instagram, the reach was 6476 views, on Facebook 3956 and on Spotify 1169. Through the podcast, it became possible to achieve a wide reach, including those who have limited access to other forms of health education. Its ability to reach a greater number of people can facilitate communication between health professionals and patients, making it a valuable addition to the arsenal of resources available in primary health care. Conclusion: The students were able to develop health education activities that differ from the traditional model, in addition to obtaining fundamental knowledge for the implementation of comprehensive care, mediated by virtual technologies and the population had access to information without the need to travel to health units.


primary health care, health education, health promotion, health information technology