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The comparison mechanisms of cancer immunotherapy in new method cancer treatment with some modern methods of cancer therapies


There were compared the roles of the different methods of Cancer treatments, especially
concentrating on advantage of new method of cancer treatment over some negative results
appearances of modern methods cancer chemotherapy with large dosage cytotoxic drugs.
Thus the current discoveries of influences on the interactions between proteins like CTLA-
4, PD-1 and CD-28, CD-80 (B-7-1), CD-86 (B-7-2) on processes for regulation of T
cells immune activities that induces to make comparisons to the positive conditions for
Cancer immunotherapy versus negative condition for cancer immunotherapy. The immune
processes in new method of cancer treatment through Prolonged medical Starvation 42 -
45 days via supporting by extracts of plants with giving very small quantity of cytotoxic
substances demand the favourable conditions for concomitant Cancer immunotherapy
versus negative conditions of Cancer chemotherapy being created with large dosage
cytotoxic drugs. Also there were estimated comparisons of the following methods of Cancer
therapies: Surgery therapy, local X-ray therapy, local therapy with radioactive ions. Besides
there were shown the influences immune defensive mechanisms on regulatory processes
of maintenance stability of Internal Energy in able-bodied organism causing Stationary
State of an organism in norm as well as suppression of the influences immune defensive
mechanisms on regulatory processes violating maintenance stability Internal Energy of
an organism that causes Quasistationary pathologic State of cancer disease metabolic
processes. Therefore the favourable condition of mechanism newer method of cancer
treatment via “Prolonged medical Starvation (during 42-45 days)” via supporting by herbal
extracts induces cancer depression, and using very small dosage weak cytotoxic substances
cause destruction cancer cells forming normal condition for operation of immune T cells
and macrophages for autophagy promoting best treatment of cancer diseases.


warburg effect, T cells, stem cells, cancer cellular cycle, mitosis, meiosis