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Ultrasound as a tool for the early diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis

Journal of Dermatology & Cosmetology
Gustavo Moreira Amorim,1 Gláucio Ricardo Werner Castro,2 Cecília Tomazzoni,3 Maria Luiza Sponholz,4 Vitória Radichewski,5 Sueli Carneiro6


Psoriasis is a common chronic, immune-mediated, systemic inflammatory disease, with a special predilection for the skin and joints. Approximately one third of patients with psoriasis will have associated psoriatic arthritis and it usually begins with the skin lesions, evolving to articular manifestations. Since psoriatic arthritis could present with permanent articular damage with chronic pain and disability, it is important to seek or early diagnosis. We will talk about our recent experience with ultrasound studying a small and selected group of patients, along with an important literature review.


psoriasis, skin lesions, ultrasound, psoriatic arthritis